Disputing a Will in Court?

Disputing a Will in Court?

Partner with a skilled probate litigation attorney in Hollywood, FL

Challenging a will isn't a simple process. If you believe your loved one's will does not accurately reflect their wishes, a probate litigation attorney can help you make your case. Michael Greenwald, P.A. offers will and trust dispute services in Hollywood, FL. Trust our team to assist you with everything from interpreting legal documents to building a strong claim.

We can represent any party that might be involved in a will or trust dispute. Schedule a consultation with our probate litigation attorney today.

Trust dispute services in Hollywood, FL

Are you unsure if you should dispute your loved one's will? There are many valid reasons for challenging a will, including:

  • Your loved one was under undue influence when drafting the will
  • The will was forged or involved in some type of fraud
  • You believe your loved one wasn't of sound mind when writing the will

Our attorney will review the situation and explain your legal options. Contact us at 954-923-2250 for will and trust dispute services.