Get Your Loved One's Will Executed Properly

Get Your Loved One's Will Executed Properly

Retain a probate attorney in Hollywood, FL

Having a will doesn't always make the probate process easy. You'll still need to fill out documents, make court appointments and notify creditors. When you're dealing with the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want is to deal with the stress of the legal process. Michael Greenwald, P.A. can help you get through this difficult time with probate administration services.

Our probate attorney in Hollywood, FL will go over your loved one's will and help you follow their instructions. We can help you avoid legal mistakes so you can get through the probate process as smoothly and easily as possible.

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Probate administration services in cases without a will

If your loved one passed away without leaving a will, Florida law will dictate how their estate is handled. By hiring a probate attorney, you can make the legal process easier and resolve potential issues quicker. Our attorney can help you...

  • Petition the court to be assigned as the estate's administrator
  • Notify all potential heirs and creditors
  • Pay outstanding debts, taxes and expenses
  • Transfer legal ownership of any remaining assets

With decades of experience in probate law, our attorney has the knowledge and skill to represent primary and secondary spouses or other family members of a deceased person.

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