Why Leave Your Estate Up to the Court?

Why Leave Your Estate Up to the Court?

Get help from an estate planning attorney in Hollywood, FL

If you don't have a legal will, your estate will be divided and distributed according to Florida law. By hiring an estate planning attorney in Hollywood, FL, you can draft a will that will give you control over the future of your estate.

Michael Greenwald, P.A. can help you through the legal process. Our attorney will explain how the law affects your estate and help you make decisions that protect your interests. With estate planning services, you can divide your estate how you see fit and help protect your family from unnecessary stress.

It's never too early to start drafting your will. Call our estate planning attorney today.

What our estate planning services cover

Estate planning isn't just about writing a will. You can prepare for situations like incapacitation and provide direction for managing your estate during the transition process. Our estate planning services will help make preparing your estate as easy as possible. Work with us to set up...

  • Powers of attorney to decide who can make decisions for you and your estate
  • Trusts that will direct your property to the person you choose
  • A living will to document your desires if you are ever medically incapacitated

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